Hi-Lite Aircraft LLC, a Michigan based company, specializing in aerospace innovations has developed a line of high-speed, electric, fixed wing, vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft. Designed specifically for "Future Vertical Lift" (FVL) as a robust, efficient, and versatile VTOL aircraft with built-in redundant safety features. 

The "Integrated Power Package" (IPP) is a "Quick Change" power solution that is interchangeable with all models of the 'Lynx-us" line of aircraft.


Emerging Market Solutions


leap photo.jpg
  • On demand mobility
  • EMS/Rescue/LEO/Maritime
  • Personal
  • Short Haul Urban Air


  • Medivac / Resupply
  • Cargo
  • Scout
  • Gunship
  • Search and Recuse
  • Humanitarian


Models                                                       Passengers                                 Speed                                         Range

  1. Leap                                                     1+4 seats                                      280 kts.                                 25-300 nm        
  2. Leap  EMS                                           2+2 stretchers                           280 kts.                                 25-300nm                
  3. Patriot - 10                                          1+12 seats                                   280 kts.                                   300 nm
  4. Patriot - 15                                          1+16 seats                                   280  kts.                                  300 nm     


"Aerospace Innovation is Our Business"


Additional Specs, Features, and Capabilities available on request.


Phone: 989-284-1458

 Address: 21575 W. Brady Rd. Bannister, Mi. 48807