Hi-Lite Aircraft has developed a novel solution

for safe, high speed, VTOL Flight!


VTOL Cruze

The aircraft has no open, exposed rotor blades or propellers. The single point VTOL lift source eliminates the need for powered cross shafting, normally required for multi-blade twin VTOL lift source aircraft!

The primary design feature of the VTOL Cruze is the two large Counter Rotating Centrifugal Compressor, or "CRCC™", that provides the single point VTOL lift source designed within the wing and upper fuselage to enhance a sleek, aerodynamic profile. Additionally, the CRCC™ provides a lower noise signature, eliminating blade interaction and adverse yaw tendencies. 

The design is scaleable in size from micro to transport category aircraft. The various market opportunities include civilian, commercial and military applications. 

  • A unique design feature is that there are no exposed rotor blades or propellers.
  • No complex articulating turbo machinery!
  • The CRCC™ (Counter Rotating Centrifugal Compressors) design offsets traditional open rotor yaw tendencies. 
  • The CRCC™ provide vertical lifting capabilities for the aircraft. 
  • During the transition from vertical to horizontal flight, the CRCC™ also provides forward thrust from the two Turbofan jet engines. 
  • The CRCC™ is designed into the upper portion of the fuselage and wing area to enhance a sleek aerodynamic profile to attain turbo jet speeds (350 Kts.) and mach numbers (.85). 
  • The vehicle was specifically designed for high speed flight in excess of 350 knots utilizing a delta wing configuration, pressure thrust fuselage and active flow control over the wings.
  • It's quiet. The vehicle has a 50% lower noise signature than traditional "open rotor" helicopters, tilt rotors and pure jet VTOL Aircraft.
  • No blade vortex interaction.
  • The design is scalable in size and suitable for various propulsion sources.
  • The airframe is clean, quiet, efficient and fast.


LEAP (Leading Edge Articulating Propulsion) 

DEAP (Distributed Electric Articulating Propulsion) 

PTR (Propulsion Thrust Ring)




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